PokeMon MMORPG?!?

I dont care how old any of you out there reading this are. PokeMon was and in some ways still is cool. The original seasons were great and the gameboy games are the shit. Yes I know as all of us got older, we denied that we liked it and said it was stupid, but hey in our hearts we still looked at the original Red and Blue versions and went, that was a sweet game.

I know this because, hey i was one of the nay-sayers. I never talked about it and hated when they added more pokemon. I was content with the original 150, so i never played past the original Red and Blue versions. But as my roommates and I brought up pokemon once again we all realized that we loved the original generation of pokemon. The first few seasons, Red and Blue Version, original stadium, first movie, and yes PokeMon Snap (yes if you play it again its still fun, just seems alot shorter then you remember).

Anyway, my roommates and I started and replayed the original Red and Blue versions, and I was surprised to realize that i wanted more. I was getting tired of trying to find PokeMon that i hadn’t used in my team on a previous run through of the game. Even Gyarados, Alakasam, and Gengar got repetitive, even though they are still the monsters I remembered them to be. My roommate brought his Gold, Silver, and Crystal versions and i borrowed my brothers Green and Fire Red versions and we had at them. It was new and exciting for me to see all these new PokeMon, but come on, some of them were just retarded. The fact that theyve made some many Pokemon that in later versions theyve basically made Moon and Sun pokemon is sad. But I digress, the idea eventually came up of think anyone’s trying to make a PokeMon MMORPG?!?

Well we dont know, and we have many ideas, questions, and concerns about such a game. Yes the idea of making you own trainer and walking around and challenging people to duels would be cool. Going and finding your own pokemon and trying “Catch’em All” would be cool, but what about Grouping? How would that get worked in? 6 on 6 PokeMon Battles?!? Gym leaders could simply be and instance which would knock that right off the concern list. While I thought grouping was the big problem one of my roommates said a terrible thing… What if they did this and instead of being a trainer you were a Pokemon?

To any of you reading this as part of a gaming company or whatever. DO NOT DO THAT!!! Being a pokemon in an MMORPG would just be stupid, so many people would try to be Mew or MewTwo or the legendary dogs, with a bunch of 7 year olds running around as Pikachu.

Anyway none of us had written in a while and I felt like ranting, but as always any comments, suggestions, or ideas are always welcome about the topic.

Good to be back

-The Former Latter


Sun down

The sun is getting ready to set.  You know what that means!

Happy Halloween!  Go out and get a costume you loafers!

~Another Else

Bid for Love

In a desperate outcry for love and attention, here goes nothing!
-Let’s Have Fun Together, Unless I’m Photoshopping YOUR Picture.
(Maybe I’m not completely ashamed of this one.)
-Kinda like in Tetris when you need a long block but keeping getting the stupid squares.
-My Ads Make More Money Than Your Ads!
(So, maybe I’m not as clever as I thought.)

~Another Else

What happened to Halloween?

Say what you will about Halloween.  You can say that it was a scheme from the candy companies, or that it is the devil’s day.  But, I doubt you can say you didn’t have fun with it when you were a kid.  Every October, almost everyone got ready for the big night.  The decorations were out and the costumes were picked.

The feeling of Halloween carried in the air.  The Fall days carried the fun chill.

I can’t imagine anyone has seen a Halloween set up like they used to seven or ten years ago.  Now, what is October?  It’s the beginning of the Christmas Season!  Bah Humbug!  I like Christmas but I preferred when it started the minute we saw Santa Claus at the end of the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.  The mall windows that used to have Halloween dioramas now show a snow covered, gift giving scene.

Where is the fun in that?

Do the kids of today a favor.  Celebrate Halloween!  As fun as it was when you were a kid, you won’t miss it if you give it your all with making it fun for today’s kids!

Know what?  Go trick or treating no matter how old you are, if even just for a few houses!

~Another Else

Apple is NOT your friend.

Hello, Apple Fanboys.

I need you do something for me real quick. Quit staring at the picture of Steve Jobs you keep in your wallet, which probably has Apple logos stickered on from each iPod you bought because you could carry around three more songs, and listen to me.

I’ll give you a minute.

Ready? Let’s start this.

Apple treats you like its prison bitch and one that isn’t worth many cigarettes at that. All this commotion over the iPhone is pathetic.
“They took away our third party applications and broke our unlocking!”
Well, duh! What did you expect? I’m typing this on on a month old iMac right now. No where on it does it look like I can really change this to the way I want it to be. The hard drive, video card and processor are all locked away somewhere behind the beautiful twenty inch screen. I want to install Windows using boot camp, but apparently the boot camp license runs out when the glorified service pack called ‘Leopard’ comes out. Did you expect that Apple would let you run amok on its pretty little stock viewer? Apparently, a lot of you did. Oh no, they bricked your iPhone! It was a brick that played music and took calls when you bought the handicapped excuse for a Blackberry, which I don’t own either. Oh, and the price drop? How did it not take longer?! Really, you all bought a cell phone that cost that much?! Use your store credit or save it for iPhone 2 which you will all buy no matter how much Apple screws you this time around. Maybe this time will be different, or maybe this domestic dispute will continue on until the end of time. Probably the second.

Speaking of Leopard, how does Apple get away with charging for OS Service Pack 10.5?

Microsoft hasn’t even tried making you pay for those yet! Maybe you Jobs groupies should spend a few days in the life of a Windows user and see what’s it like to have money to spend on something other than new Apple products.

But, without those, where would you get the Apple stickers?

~Another Else

The Day My Life Ended…

As most of you should know, Halo 3 is out, and has been for the past week or so. I got it the day it came out, and was giggling like a school girl most of the day. We brought it back, and finished our day of classes, and couldn’t wait to get back to the dorm room to play it. First night we played 4-player co-op and went through half the game. Than a bit of multiplayer, followed by more co-op. Needless to say, we beat the game that thursday night. It was a decent story. Not the best of endings, but still a solid game.

Of course, the multiplayer, xbox live is one of its best parts. After several more late nights of non-stop mutliplayer, we decided to start going back through the game, for the skulls and terminals. We started doing so, and my suitemate and roommate, got all the terminals and most skulls. The next night was my turn, or was supposed to be…

The next day I had a college Calc 2 test…Yea I know, holy shit right… tell me about it… Anyway, as you can image it didn’d great. And after a long test, I could atleast take satisfaction in the fact that my day was done, and I could go back and enjoy myself for a bit. Play Halo 3 and get the skulls and unlock the rest of the armor…, but NOOOO…

As I was walking back to my room, my roommate called and said, “Hey buddy, remember a little while ago when I told you about the red rings of death…” Enough said, I walked defeated back to my dormroom, to see the red ring of death for myself. After trying several tricks, and still failing to rid my xbox 360 of its red lights, we called microsoft help thingy, complaining about red lights of doom. The best they could do, is send a pre-paid box that I place my broken xbox in and send it to them. They keep it for 3-5 weeks and send it back. So basically I have to wait 2 months to be able to use my xbox 360 and play halo 3 again.

After reading many online stories, I was greatly dishearted, apparently this is a gigantic flaw in the xbox 360 and alot of people have not had good experiences when it does break down, so basically I have no 360 and no Halo 3 for 2 months, starting yesterday…

Fucking Red Ring of Death…

-The Former Latter

The Names Chief, Master Chief…

As the days past by, and we all get one step closer to September 25, a holiday for many gamers out there, I couldn’t help but reminisce about the good ole days of the previous two installments. If your at all like me you’ve been giggling like a schoolgirl ever since you held the pre-order box in your hands and could officially say, “Its mine.” If not since then, than at least since September came.

After completing my daily search through the web for any new Halo 3, trailers or news, I unfortunately had to go to my college classes, something that will probably go out the window on the 25th…, but anyway. When I returned I had a strong desire to play the original Halo. The game that started it all. After several multiplayer matches between my suitemates, and further giggling like schoolgirls, we had to play the campaign one last final time before the 25. So we booted up Co-op legendary (as if we’d play anything else). The next day my roommate drove home simply to grab the second Halo 2 once we realized that we didn’t have any of our copies at college. Once again, we felt the desire to play the campaign again. So we started up another Legendary Co-op for Halo 2. We are halfway, through both of them atm, and will hopefully beat them both once again before the 25th.

It was this desire to play the older versions of the game, that I realized what a huge impact the Halo trilogy has had on the video gaming world. This trilogy has no doubt defined a generation of gamers. It is currently one of the top X-box live games out there, and Halo 3 hopes to regain the top once again, which, come on, lets be honest, it will. After the total cliff-hanger of an ending from the second game, which left me angry and depressed for a good two weeks, I need closure, as Im sure you all do.

For those of you, who have just gotten the pre-order I suggest you look into some of the many other Halo products. For those of you who can afford it, enjoy the Legendary edition, as well as the Spartan armor X-box 360 and controller. The Halo book series is one of the better book series I have ever read. Eric Nylund is a man after my own heart with his style of writing.

Lastly, for those of you who do not know so much about Halo 3, I thought I’d fill you in on some of the stuff you can look forward to.

  • 4 player Co-op (Yes your seeing that correctly, you can be Master Chief, Arbitor, and his 2 Elites.
  • Of Course more Multiplayer
  • Gravity Hammer – supposed to be the equivalent hype level of the energy sword in Halo 2, but don’t worry the sword is still there.
  • Human version of the banshee
  • Brute Crusher – Covenant mini-warthog thing
  • Mini-warthog
  • Elephant -basically a mobile base
  • Other misc items – new weapons, grenades, bubble shields, etc…

Im sure i have missed many other cool new things about Halo 3, but I dont have my gaming magazine at hand its extremely late, but another thing to look forward to is Halo Wars, basically an Real Time Strategy game based on Halo, which for me will cause even more girlish giggles on top of the that from actually playing Halo 3. Also, they have declared that this game will be the final installment of Master Chief’s story, does this mean there could me more Halo games/books etc to look forward to? Lets hope so.

-The Former Latter